I provide personalized coaching to help you improve your public speaking skills.

I collaborate with you to create personalized coaching and workshops to help you find success with public speaking. My services are customized through methodical assessment as I take the time to listen to, evaluate, and understand your unique needs and goals. Coaching and workshops cover a wide variety of topics such as managing and overcoming public speaking stress, understanding your audience, identifying key points, creating content, preparing for presenting on camera and mastering delivery skills. Please read more about my services below:

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Looking for an individualized approach to improve your public speaking skills? After a careful assessment of your needs and goals, we’ll work together to create a plan that works for you. Whether you're a first time speaker or a seasoned speaker looking to hone your skills, my years of experience enable me to take your public speaking to a new level.

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Have a team that is looking to polish their presentation skills? With my customized coaching designed to meet your team’s needs, I will guide your team to successful public speaking. Our interactive sessions will create synergy, allowing your team to excel together.


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Looking for a crash course on public speaking? Join one of my engaging, hands-on workshops that will take a unique spin on public speaking. We’ll cover the basics and will also delve deeper into topics such as adding storytelling and humor that will take your presentations to a new level.