Kristin has a vast wealth of knowledge about how to craft and share impactful stories. She thoroughly enjoys giving what she knows to her audience. By sharing her stories, she inspires others to comfortably share theirs in a safe, supportive setting. All audience members leave the talk with tools they can use immediately. Ready to share their authentic stories, ready to make an impact. I strongly endorse Kristin as a mentor, coach, speaker and workshop facilitator.
— Diane Flynn, Co-Founder & CEO ReBoot Accel

Kristin is an amazing storyteller. We have worked together teaching many startup cohorts, demo days and 100% of the audience is captivated by her workshops. It’s not only her speaker skills and professionalism but also her personality that makes her effective at empowering founder pitches - everyone loves Kristin. Every founder she coaches is inspired by her energy, grace and effectiveness.
— Chris Peralta, Founder and CEO of Manila Valley; Founder of ZN3

Kristin is uniquely gifted in how she engages with her audience and gets everyone in the room in a synchronous harmony to gel with each other, get out of their comfort zone and truly embrace the power of giving a voice to their thoughts. I’m thrilled to have met Kristin. Having seen her in a couple of group sessions with completely different agendas, I can’t wait to figure out how to loop her into the next thing I’m doing for my team.
— Meena Sankaran, Founder and CEO of KETOS; Founder and Mentor of (W.IN.S) Womens INner Strength

Kristin is a terrific speaker and public speaking coach. She has spoken to our group on numerous occasions. I’ve found her to be extremely easy to work with and her talks are very customizable to various audiences. Her speaking style is clear, compelling and concise and our audience has always been nothing but pleased with her talks.
— Chrissie Kremer, Co-Founder & VP Community, ReBoot Accel

Kristin provided me with invaluable input and advice when I was preparing an award acceptance speech. As I was first putting my speech together, she helped me organize my thoughts and reminded me to think about “what’s my point” and how to make my acceptance speech unique to me. After putting my speech together, Kristin gave me very specific feedback. She also provided me with practice techniques that worked out extremely well. All of her advice and help made me feel comfortable on stage and led to a successful presentation. I would highly recommend working with Kristin.
— Margaret Kelleher, Senior Manager of VMware

Kristin Link is an engaging speaker with a message that immediately resonates with all listeners. During her presentation our group was challenged to identify actions they could take to improve their own story and then actually do it! By the end of the workshop she had led us through a rough draft of our Problem > Solution > Benefits and a commitment to continue to fine tune it until we had a business story we could confidently share with others.
— Pattie Vargas, VP Programming of American Business Women's Association and Principal of The Vargas Group

I recently received a reward from my college Alma Mater and was invited to deliver a keynote at the celebration dinner. I had a first draft and strong supporting stories but was concerned about landing key points to this diverse audience, and my transitions weren’t working. I sent my speech and concerns to Kristin and then spent two hours in-person delivering, deleting, and crafting until it reached an entirely new level. Kristin understands the art and science of storytelling and her coaching transformed this experience from a good to a great one.
— Beth Kawasaki, Co-Founder and VP Marketing, ReBoot Accel

Kristin Link always pushed us to clarify our stories. She always helped us to remember why we are doing this business and find ways to reach our goals. Her specialty in storytelling is very helpful to us, and we are infected by her spirit and emotions. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her mentorship.
— Titus Kim, Founder and CEO, Kookie Entertainment

A wonderful balance of highly professional and warm and easy to talk to, Kristin has a true gift for helping you get to the core of what you want to say. In just a few sessions Kristin guided me through a precise (and fun!) process that resulted in me being speech-ready. With her guidance, I was able to deliver a presentation that was clear, actionable, sounded authentic and had a punch. Highly recommend her services!
— Katie Dickson, Narrative Magazine

Kristin is amazing at helping you build your personal story to communicate it effectively for a large audience. She brings the latest tools with her during your practice sessions, helps you articulate your personal story, and even helps you visualize your presentation with immediate feedback. I recommend Kristin for anyone who would like to improve their public speaking.
— Filmmaker 

“Kristin is a public speaking guru! She is intentional with her work and caters her guidance to the purpose of your event while simultaneously ensuring that your story is still being shared with fidelity. I was comfortable speaking before, but she really made a huge difference in my delivery.”
— Lindsay Black, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula

“Kristin is a dynamic, engaging speaker who delivered a lively presentation specifically tailored to her audience.”
— Jill M., Young Men’s Service League